The Girls' Night You've Been Needing


Come join us on January 11, 2020 for an evening of drinks and sisterhood where larger ladies & their Dear Skinny Friends talk about real life ish. No conversation is off-limits: Dating, sex, work, relationships-- all the things no one dares to talk about.


Sip, Chat, and Live Out Loud

The popular Instagram show Dear Skinny Friend is coming to you live on January 11, 2020 in Carson California.  This show tackles the unspoken and spoken biases found in society surrounding women who live in larger bodies by creating a platform for candid conversation.  Connect with the community that looks to dispel the myths that keep all women stuck and unseen- yes, even our skinny friends. Come be seen, heard, and empowered without having to justify your existence. Walk away with more than just new friendships, but also with an understanding of how we are more alike than different.

Who's Speaking

Jai Murphy


Jasmyne Cannick


Oya Woodruff


Charlsea Whitaker


Event Host

Jai Murphy

A Note From Jai

After being in constant discussion with fellow big girls and my skinny friends, I saw a need for a conversation to bring to light the perceived realities of navigating the world as a big girl versus the actual realties. In shadow of all the women’s movements i.e. the Me Too movement, it's become apparent that, as women, we can’t grow or heal until we come together against the things that divide us - - culturally as well as physically. Instead of leaving it in the shadows I’ve taken the conversation online and now in person. Together let's sip, chat, and dispel the myths at Dear Skinny Friend Live.


Xoxo Jai

Event Packages



Doors open at 5:45 PM

VIP Meet & Greet


Preferred Seating

Free Snacks

2 Drink Tickets

(additional tickets available for purchase)

Special Surprise Bonus



Doors open at 4:45 PM

Pre-Event Sip + Shop

Dinner & Drinks

VIP Meet & Greet

Photo Opportunity

Priority Seating

2 Drink Tickets

Swag Bag

Birthday Bash After Party

Special Surprise Bonus



Doors open at 6:45 PM

Regular Seating

Light Refreshments

Main Event

1 Drink Ticket

(additional tickets available for purchase)

Special Surprise Bonus

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